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Secondary Aluminum Recycling Growth in the Indian Market – Abhay Kumar

From automotive to aerospace to infrastructure, aluminium is a vital part of every industry’s growth. Join us to know more about the most versatile base metal on the planet, both in its applications as well as in its recycling!

A Futures Contract for the Asian Scrap Market – Terry Chuay

Asian buyers and suppliers of scrap have lacked a future to manage price risk, until now. The LME launch allows USWC and Japanese sellers to manage risk, as well as buyers of scrap in Taiwan, South Korea, Vietnam, China and other Asian countries. This changes the possibilities for scrap exporters, scrap importers and even the construction market of rebars.

Recycling Businesses: Ready to Take a Flight on Digital Wings!

Importance and benefits of Digitalization in the Scrap and Residue trading and recycling businesses; how it can optimize the business and improve the intrinsic value of the deals.

Help our Scrappers Understand Hedging – Scott Pollan

Scott Pollan’s introductory hedging lecture explores how domestic and multinational corporations can hedge metal assets and mitigate price risk. Get started on your adventure to understanding how the hedging industry is structured. This 30-minute session covers key learning objectives: Price, Participants, Cost, and Risk. Who should attend: new and seasoned finance, accounting, marketing, and related metals industry professionals (CEO, CFO, COO).

The Future of Business Reputation Management in Recyclables – Chris Yerbey

Chris Yerbey, CEO of Tradefox looks at the tools used to manage company reputation both in-person and online. He will be addressing both the advantages and disadvantages of currently available resources and the emerging trend for traditionally B2C technologies being applied to B2B industries such as the recycling sector.

Tradefox Podcast Episode 1: Brett Ekart | Leveraging Digital Platforms to Promote your Business

Social media and business intellegence platforms have changed the way companies compete and win. Brett Ekart, CEO of United Metals and host of A Scrap Life Podcast, will share his thoughts on running a recycling business by leveraging the latest digital techonlogy.

Understanding the Crazy World of Shipping – The New Age – Anupa Pradhan

In this session Anupa Pradhan will address the physical problems that our new world faces. Anupa hopes to bridge the gap between the service providers – shipping lines, (vessel operator and non-vessel operators alike) and clients (shippers, suppliers and consignees) so that the frustration faced everywhere is (hopefully) reduced by maybe a fraction!