Top 5 companies with the Best Claim Handling

This is the top 5 companies with the highest rated claim handling based on their trades. Our users indicate that these companies currently respond and act the best when a claim comes in regarding a problem with a trade. There are many thousands of companies that score very highly in this area, as well as other variables. It is wise to consult multiple aspects of scrap trading to see who you can best do business with.

In addition to the top score on claim handling, you can find information like contact details, trust reviews, trade history and how active a company has been. If you do not yet have a login, please register here.

Voestalpine Böhler Edelstahl GMBH & CO KG is a steel company based in Kapfenberg, Austria. They are involved in the production and processing of various steel products. Their expertise lies in producing high-quality stainless steel and specialty alloys. The company uses advanced manufacturing techniques to work with a range of materials, ensuring consistent product quality. Their operations focus on meeting industry standards and catering to the diverse needs of their clientele. Go to profile.

Founded in 1948, Tom Martin Metal Holdings, originally known as Tom Martin & Company, has grown from modest roots to become a leading name in the non-ferrous metals industry. Annually handling over 50,000 tonnes of metal, the company boasts multiple facilities spread across the UK and Poland. Specializing in the processing, handling, and trading of non-ferrous metals across diverse manufacturing sectors, they provide a bespoke service tailored to the unique needs of their suppliers. With a commitment to maximizing value from metal waste streams and ensuring seamless operations for their clients, they stand as a testament to professionalism and reliability in the metal recycling domain. Go to profile.

The company’s primary focus lies in domestic trading of various products, as well as their international import and export. Our diverse portfolio encompasses steel items, steel raw materials, machinery, real estate, and within our affiliated entities, we delve into sectors like food and electronics. At JFE Shoji, our aim is to solidify a consistent revenue stream by broadening both our trade scope and business operations. We’re also keen on bolstering our foundational strategies by fostering synergies across our key global regions, notably Japan, the Americas, China, and ASEAN. Our ambition is to enhance our supply chain, emphasizing steel-centric ventures, unlocking new potential while addressing societal and ecological challenges like achieving carbon neutrality and promoting a circular economy. Leveraging our established managerial assets and expansive information channels, our forward-looking approach is rooted in ESG principles, positioning us as frontrunners in the evolving landscape. Go to profile.

Pan American Metals, a subsidiary of Panometals, is dedicated to the trade of recycled Non-Ferrous metals, with primary sources from Australia, New Zealand, and the UK. As an extension of Panometals’ commitment to sustainable supply chain solutions, Pan American Metals emphasizes the importance of eco-friendly practices, diverting materials from landfills and presenting high-quality recycled metal alternatives to a global clientele. Established as part of Panometals’ mission in 2011, the company aims to bridge the gap between small to medium-sized metal producers and top-tier global consumers. With a management team boasting over a century of combined experience, Pan American Metals stands as a trusted name in the metal recycling sector, prioritizing excellence and client satisfaction. Go to profile.
BNS Korea Co., Ltd., based in Chungju-Si, Chungbukdo, South Korea, is a renowned scrap trading enterprise with over 7 years of industry experience. Specializing in both ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metals, they have a diverse portfolio that includes Lead scrap, Refined lead, High Ag contained Lead, Sb alloys, Used lead battery scrap (Rains and Rinks), HMS 1&2 scrap, Ca lead alloys, Copper scrap, UBC scrap, Iron scrap Whitegoods, and No 2 bundles. Committed to fostering global connections, BNS Korea actively engages in buying and selling these scrap materials to international clients. For collaborations, they encourage potential partners to reach out through various communication channels. Go to profile.