Top 10 companies with the Best Tradefox TrustScore

These are 10 scrap metal companies that belong to the group with the best Tradefox TrustScore. These companies can be Buyers, Sellers and Traders. The Tradefox TrustScore is a combination of data that we use to be able to give all companies in the database a rating and make it easy for you. These companies on average score the best in several areas and therefore come out on top. You can view these companies directly when you log in and open the reputation report. If you do not yet have a login, please register here.
Sakar Industries is an Indian manufacturer specializing in stainless steel products. Their production capabilities include ERW tube mills, laser welding machines, hydroforming presses, and machines to fabricate stainless steel tubing, pipes, and tube assemblies. Sakar offers tubular components made from stainless steel grades like 409, 304, 321, and 316L that undergo processing such as bending, hydroforming, end-forming, and precision cutting per customer specifications. The company serves automotive OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers in India and abroad. Go to profile.
With main offices situated in Dammam within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Al Qaryan Group has arisen as a foremost business involved in metal recycling and processing while also trading goods globally. Originating in 1988, the Al Qaryan Group has amassed substantial knowledge and proficiency regarding metal recycling activities, allowing them to become one of the preeminent companies in metal recycling, processing, and trading within the area. Al Qaryan Group initially expanded into transportation, logistics, heavy machinery, freight forwarding, construction contracting, steel production, steel re-rolling, and manufacturing wooden pallets. Go to profile.
Gemini Corporation, based in Antwerp, Belgium, specializes in sourcing, inspecting, and managing logistics for recyclable/renewable and second choice/stocklot materials. With a robust team of over 200+ experts dispersed across offices in the Americas, Europe, Middle East, and Asia, we leverage our expansive geographical reach to introduce new markets to our suppliers and fresh sourcing avenues to our clientele. Our in-house trained quality inspectors ensure that our deliverables align with our promises. Our proficiency in diverse logistics modes guarantees prompt and efficient deliveries. By collaborating with us, manufacturers of recyclables, second choice/stocklot, and finished items can zero in on production, entrusting us with market navigation. Embodying our belief in global connectivity, our motto states, “The whole world is a small village. Go to profile.
Pioneering Sustainable Metal Recycling for a Greener Future Why Choose Arunium Alloys? Our commitment lies in prioritizing our customers’ needs above all. We’re dedicated to consistently enhancing the value we offer to both our clients and the environment. Our materials are meticulously sourced from the most reputable yards globally, ensuring unparalleled quality. We pride ourselves on our unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction, going the extra mile to meet their expectations. Specializing in non-ferrous metal recycling, we globally source and process metals with expertise. Our product range includes Aluminium Alloys (Ingots), Aluminium Scrap, Cables & Conductors, Brass Scrap, Shredded Copper Scrap, and Silicon Metal. Go to profile.
The company’s primary focus lies in domestic trading of various products, as well as their international import and export. Our diverse portfolio encompasses steel items, steel raw materials, machinery, real estate, and within our affiliated entities, we delve into sectors like food and electronics. At JFE Shoji, our aim is to solidify a consistent revenue stream by broadening both our trade scope and business operations. We’re also keen on bolstering our foundational strategies by fostering synergies across our key global regions, notably Japan, the Americas, China, and ASEAN. Our ambition is to enhance our supply chain, emphasizing steel-centric ventures, unlocking new potential while addressing societal and ecological challenges like achieving carbon neutrality and promoting a circular economy. Leveraging our established managerial assets and expansive information channels, our forward-looking approach is rooted in ESG principles, positioning us as frontrunners in the evolving landscape. Go to profile.
Situated in Seoul, Republic Of Korea, TOYOTA TSUSHO KOREA CORP. operates within the diverse Durable Goods Merchant Wholesalers sector. They perceive steel and non-ferrous metals not merely as basic materials but as entities with distinct characteristics and applications. This perspective enables them to tailor products and logistics solutions to align with the requirements of suppliers and consumers alike. By reorganizing our SBUs* into four distinct segments—Automotive Metal Sheet Products, Metal Products, Non-ferrous Metals, and Resource Recycling—we’ve enhanced our agility and specialization. This allows us to cater to a wide spectrum of client demands across various industries and products, addressing both primary and secondary needs. Go to profile.
Hyosung Corp, based in Seoul, South Korea, is a multifaceted industrial powerhouse. The firm produces and markets a variety of fiber products, including terylene, carbon fiber, acetate fiber, and more. Its diverse business portfolio spans textiles, chemicals, construction, trading, and information technology. Among its offerings are synthetic fibers, automotive textiles like seatbelt yarns and airbag fabrics, and electronic items such as transformers and PET containers. Additionally, Hyosung is involved in the renewable energy sector, producing wind turbines and energy charging systems. With a global footprint, the company operates in regions including the US, Southeast Asia, Europe, South America, and Africa. Go to profile.
Founded on 28th May 2012, POSCO Maharashtra Steel specializes in delivering top-notch Galvanized and Galva annealed steel suitable for a wide range of sectors, including construction, domestic appliances, and the automotive field. With a significant footprint in India, POSCO has established five cutting-edge facilities in cities like Delhi, Pune, Hyderabad, Chennai, and Ahmadabad, aiming to offer enhanced steel processing solutions to the automotive sector. To maintain high technical standards, service engineers from Korea have been stationed across these regions. Go to Profile.

Aiming to pioneer as India’s premier integrated open die forging enterprise, ArcVac was founded by visionary entrepreneurs R. K. Chhajer and Binod Chhajer in 2005.

Positioned advantageously in Eastern India, the facility spans over a vast million-square-foot area, housing:

  • A state-of-the-art steel melting unit dedicated to producing superior ingots for forging.
  • A comprehensive forge shop complemented by heat treatment and machining amenities.
  • Top-tier Quality Assurance Facilities, boasting a metallurgical laboratory accredited by NABL (ISO: 17025).
Our collaboration with clients goes beyond mere transactions. We provide them with holistic global sourcing solutions, merging our deep market insights with robust financial capabilities. With Sizer Metals Pte. Ltd. positioned in Singapore, Asia’s trading nexus, we capitalize on its prime location at the intersection of major East-West trade corridors. This, combined with the region’s top-tier infrastructure, favorable trade policies, competitive tax structures, and a strong logistics network, empowers us to offer our clients a distinct edge in the metals domain. Renowned for manufacturing and supplying products like Bismuth, Unwrought antimony, Nickel, and Aluminium, we’ve carved a reputable niche for ourselves in the industry. Go to profile.