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Make sure your company is completely updated with contact details, trading materials and assign company badges. Verify your information and earn up to 5 free report unlocks

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Unlocking Trade Reputation Reports of scrap trading partners is the first step to increase margins for selling scrap metals.
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Keep track of trade reputations

To keep the financial risks as low as possible it is wise to keep checking company reports before every new trade. Reputations change with more than 3.000 trades being added to Tradefox daily.


Analyse trade history

With the Trade History Data available for most companies, you can create insightful analyses about these prospects. We provide data such as: top 5 trading partners, total sales volume, number of trades and average trades per month.

Request feedback from your trading partners

A great way to get more trades done in less time is to get your profile to be the best one out there! Invite your trading patners to give their positive feedback on the business you have done together. Your Tradefox TrustScore improves and you will have better visibility.

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Scrap trade Historical data

Trade History Data

With the available trade data, you gain insight into the trading activity of a company. In addition to how many trades have taken place in the last two years, the reports also show the average number of trades per month. There is an overview of the top 5 trading partners and a detailed overview of all trades of a company.

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Customer monitoring

All your customers in one place. Stay well informed with the practices of your trading partners. Be instantly notified if your customer is flagged for cancelled agreements or exaggerated quality claims.

Atradius scrap trading Capital Recovery Service

Capital Recovery Service

As a Tradefox customer, you’re able to benefit from our collaboration with Atradius Collections.
The experienced Capital Recovery teams are located throughout the world to support your cases.

Scrap buyers reputation reports

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Research and Identification
    Focus on buyers with a strong industry reputation and membership in notable trade associations.

  2. Financial Stability
    Prioritize buyers with good creditworthiness and favorable payment terms.

  3. Regulatory Compliance
    Opt for buyers holding all necessary licenses and certifications, and those adhering to environmental standards.

  4. Logistics and Infrastructure
    Choose buyers with reliable transportation and proximity to major ports or hubs.

  5. Pricing and Valuation
    Ensure the buyer offers competitive prices and has a transparent valuation method.

  6. Communication and Transparency
    Prefer buyers who maintain open communication and have no significant language barriers.

  7. Contractual Agreements
    Insist on clear contractual terms and a defined dispute resolution process.

  8. Due Diligence
    Conduct site visits and thorough background checks.

  9. Feedback and Continuous Evaluation
    Engage in post-trade reviews and maintain a feedback loop for continuous improvement.

At Tradefox, you can check the details of a scrap buyer at any time. Not only do we perform standard due diligence checks upon registration, but we also ask users to verify all details. We look at profile pictures, email addresses, phone numbers, identification documents, and check whether an employee is actually employed by the company. 

If you claim and optimize your profile as a business owner or representative you can earn up to 5 unlocks, which can be used immediately to open due diligence reports of scrap buyers. Of course, it is also possible to start a paid plan, so you can open multiple reports. View our price plans here.

In addition to the due diligence checks, we ask our users for feedback on their trades. A number of things are asked anonymously. One of these things is reputation within the industry. You can easily and quickly see whether the relevant company has a good reputation. These reviews come from the industry, for the industry.

Tradefox has a database of more than 157,000 companies active in the scrap trading industry. Among these companies are many scrap buying companies / scrap consumers that buy scrap nationally and internationally. Within our due diligence reports, there is a section with information about the trading history of a scrap buying company. More than 40% of the scrap trading company profiles in our database possess this information.

The accessible trade data offers a comprehensive view into a scrap trading company’s activities. This includes a detailed analysis of the total trade volume, shedding light on the number of trades executed in the past two years, and an average monthly trade count. Additionally, an overview of the top five trading partners and a thorough breakdown of all the company’s trades are provided for a more in-depth understanding.

Thanks to this trade data, you can create a perfect picture of the experience of a scrap buyer or consumer and whether they are creditable.

In addition to a large amount of trade data that Tradefox has to offer, a lot of feedback is given about trades that have been made. These are 100% real reviews and all come from our users who have a verified account and have facilitated these trades. We use the trade data to get all involved parties to collaborate and review trades and build trust together. 

The review is based on five variables, namely: Integrity, Claims Handling, Making Payments, Quality of Material, and Shipping Procedure. Based on this feedback, you can quickly analyze how the scrap buyers is assessed based on their past trades. A second form of input can be obtained from the trust reviews. We ask our users to give an overall assessment of a company’s reliability based on their experience with a scrap buyer.

With the combination of trade and trust reviews, you have a fairly good picture of the references of the respective scrap consuming company. There may be other feedback online, but the question is whether these are all verified and real reviews.