Every trade begins with trust...Trade Reputation Reports can provide that

“Open Doors. Protect your Interests. Demand Accountability.

Tradefox is an association of professionals, active in the global trade of recyclables, banding together to stop fraud and other unfair trading practices.

Companies are reviewed by the industry for the industry.

Trade Reputation Reports

1. Due Diligence Information

At registration, we conduct due diligence on all users – examining profile details, contact information, identification documents, and employment status. Our multilayered approach to due diligence promotes greater trust and security in scrap trading, giving you peace of mind that you’re connecting with legitimate, authenticated trading partners.

2. Trade Data

The Tradefox platform offers robust trade data to evaluate potential partners. Quickly understand total volume, trade frequency, top partners, and full transaction history. Our transparent analytics provide the details you need to make informed trading decisions.

3. Trust and Trade Reviews

Besides trade data we also offer real reviews of completed scrap trades – straight from our community of verified users. These authentic, unfiltered insights into transactions come exclusively from traders who were directly involved, giving you an inside look at dealings with potential partners.

Scrap Trading Reputation Reports

Tradefox TrustScore simplifies due diligence

The Tradefox TrustScore combines factors from our Trade Reputation Reports, including:

  • Trust reviews from partners
  • Trade reviews on transactions
  • Trade data and history
  • Due diligence details

Using an algorithm, we calculate a score for companies with sufficient data. This is done consistently for equal comparison.

The TrustScore serves as an indicator of how a scrap trading company measures up to industry averages. This makes it easy for you to use as a guideline when quickly evaluating and selecting trading partners.

With the Tradefox TrustScore, you have a simple metric to benchmark potential partners against their peers, enabling informed business decisions.