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Let us explain how the Scrap KYC report works!

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  • What data is included in a KYC report
  • How this data compares to other sources
  • What conclusions you can draw based on this data
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Tradefox Industry-Leading Scrap KYC Reports

1. Tradefox TrustScore

The Tradefox TrustScore is a calculated score that each scrap-related company receives based on trust and trade reviews, firmographic data, and trading activity. This TrustScore provides a reputation indicator for the respective company.

Scrap Trading Industry Reputation

2. Industry reputation

All scrap buying and selling companies can be assessed on our platform for their reliability. All ratings come from verified Tradefox members and are 100% authentic reviews.

We request a straightforward assessment of a company’s reliability on a scale of 1 to 5.

The rating given is entirely anonymous.

3. Trade feedback

Trade Feedback is a valuable component of our scrap KYC reports. It provides essential data on key aspects when partnering or considering a collaboration.
Combining Trade Feedback with the Trade Activity enhances its utility. This perspective aids in making a better analysis and more informed decisions.

Additionally, you can advise or alert others as needed. These ratings are completely anonymous and are thoroughly verified by us.

Scrap Trade feedback
Scrap Trade activity report

4. Trade activity

Trade Activity is an important section of the scrap KYC reports. It presents a company’s monthly sales volume and trading figures, offering insights into the company’s activity levels, which often indicate its overall health and reliability.

When combined with the Top 5 Trading Partners section, the usefulness of Trade Activity is further enhanced. The Top 5 Trading Partners section identifies the main companies a business deals with, including transaction frequencies and their share of the trade volume. This provides a reliable indicator for identifying new trustworthy connections.

5. Top 5 trading partners

The Top 5 Trading Partners section is a highly valued feature of our reports, showing the main companies a business deals with, their transaction numbers, and their proportion of the total trade volume.

You can also easily navigate to any of the top 5 trading partners to evaluate their performance in these areas.

Combining this data with Trade Activity and Trade Feedback enhances overall insight. Together, they offer a comprehensive view that aids in making informed decisions and identifying the best business opportunities.

Simplify your Due Diligence & Make better informed decisions

The Tradefox TrustScore simplifies your due diligence

The Tradefox TrustScore combines factors from our scrap KYC reports, including:

  • Trust reviews from partners
  • Trade reviews on transactions
  • Trade data and history
  • Due diligence details

Using an algorithm, we calculate a score for companies with sufficient data. This is done consistently for equal comparison.

The TrustScore serves as an indicator of how a scrap trading company measures up to industry averages.