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The Tradefox reputation reports contain:

1. Due Diligence Information

We perform due diligence checks upon registration, but we also ask users to verify all details. We look at profile pictures, email addresses, phone numbers, identification documents, and check whether an employee is actually employed by the company.

2. Trust and Trade Reviews

In addition to a large amount of trade data that Tradefox has to offer, a lot of feedback is given about trades that have been made. These are 100% real reviews and all come from our users who have a verified account and have facilitated these trades.

3. Trade History Data

The accessible trade data offers a comprehensive view into a trading company’s activities. This includes an analysis of the total trade volume, the number of trades executed in the past two years, an average monthly trade count, an overview of the top five trading partners and a breakdown of all the company’s trades.

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Biggest benefits

Save time and money on acquiring new trading partners

Conducting Due Diligence and Verifying Credentials
Of course, having personal conversations, preferably face-to-face, is very important when establishing new trading partners. However, you can already do a lot remotely and likely more than you think. The entire due diligence process has never been easier. We have already verified the company information for you. All company reputation reports contain data provided by the companies themselves and verified by our staff. Meanwhile, we are also busy validating data through reputable KYB/market intelligence partners.

Verify References
Tradefox gives you inside access to actual user experiences trading with scrap trading companies. Our verified users provide transparent feedback on over 5 key factors: Integrity, Claims Handling, Making Payments, Quality of Material, and Shipping Procedures.

Assess Experience
Tradefox has a database of more than 157,000 companies active in the scrap trading industry. Within our company reputation reports, there is a section with information about the trading history of the scrap trading company. More than 40% of the scrap trading company profiles in our database possess this information.

Increases your trading
Because these actions can now be done remotely and you need to spend much less time and effort determining if a prospective trading partner is reliable, you save time that can amount to days and money. In most cases, even thousands of dollars. Time and money you can invest much better in more trades.

Optimize your margins

The Tradefox TrustScore is the most important metric to increase your visibility within our system as one of the top scoring companies on the quality and handling of your transactions. Many of our buyers like to do business with companies like yours. They are looking for good quality and reliability and know you pay more for that. Instead of constant price negotiations, it’s about trust. This is a great opportunity for you to do direct business with serious buyers who are mainly looking for quality and quantity.

Eliminate financial risks of scrap trading

The Tradefox TrustScore is a handy indicator for a quick analysis of a scrap trading company. There are various variables that Tradefox takes into account to arrive at a score. The two most important variables that make up the Tradefox TrustScore are the Trust Review score and the Trade Review score. Within the latter, factors like integrity in doing business, quality of materials, how claims are handled, whether payment agreements are met, and if the shipping process is handled properly are considered.

The higher the Tradefox TrustScore, the better the company conducts its business.

Tradefox Capital Recovery Service

When you use and consult the company reputation reports as the basis for your decisions, the chance of having disappointing transactions is small. If something still happens that you don’t agree with and the counterparty fails to deliver, we can offer you the Tradefox Capital Recovery service. In collaboration with Atradius, one of the largest players in this field, we can recover the value of your investment. This is done based on hard evidence that you need to provide and can be applied retroactively.

Trade with confidence! Eliminate risk, prevent claims and improve margins...

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Frequently Asked Questions

No worries. You can change your plan at any time. Pick the plan you see fit at this time and up-or downgrade whenever you feel like.

Yes. If you have a monthly subscription you can cancel at any moment before your next month. Make sure to check which date your subscription is renewed and cancel before that time.

Currently, we only accept credit cards but we hope to introduce more payment options in the future.

With the data contributor program, you can review your past trades and earn one month of Tradefox Pro per 10 trades reviewed.

The Tradefox Trust Score is the only system in the world that assesses the trading reputations of companies buying or selling scrap to help you identify trusted global trade partners. Data sources on which we base the Tradefox Trust Score include but are not limited to the trade history from strategic global ports, peer reviews of the company itself, and trade feedback from the company’s trading partners.