Tradefox Podcast

Tradefox Podcast: Episode 1 | Brett Ekart on Leveraging Digital Platforms to Promote Your Business

The first episode of the Tradefox Podcast is finally live! The first guest could not be anyone else than Scrap Life Podcast Host Brett Ekart! Brett is the owner of United Metals Recycling and embraces the scrap life as no other. This episode was recorded during the third Tradefox Virtual Networking Conference on October 12, 2021. Brett does not only work hard to manage his business on the ground at his scrapyard in Idaho, but also found ways to manage his business online. Have a listen to learn all about how companies in the global trade of recyclables can leverage digital platforms to promote their business. Interested in more content about digitalization in the scrap industry? Check out the keynote session of Divyani Pathak on digitalization in the global trade of recyclables.