Recover scrap trading losses... Partner with us to restore your capital.

Recover your trading losses

3 steps to make impact

Capital recovery

1 Tell us about your case

Reach out to us via phone, email, or WhatsApp. Briefly describe the situation and specify the type of case, such as:

  • Fraud
  • Quality claim
  • Canceled Shipment

2 Provide supporting documents

Send us supporting documents, such as:
Written agreements, Order confirmations, Purchase conditions, Invoices, Delivery notes, Correspondence, Other relevant information or evidence to rebut the dispute, Information about witnesses (names, places of residence), A description of the dispute, Counter-arguments from you as the creditor regarding the dispute.

3 Recover your capital

Leave the rest to us: Our Capital Recovery Specialists will take over from there.

Our approach

Multi-channel approach

We use a mix of communication channels to reach optimal results, these include;

  • Demand letters
  • E-mails
  • Manual/automatic calls
  • Custom videos

Correspondence frequency depends on case value and our expert advice.

Lead time

We aim to collect your overdue capital as soon as possible. Our amicable collection process lasts on average 30-60 days before we turn to a Legal approach.


Transparency upfront

We always consult you on your options should we be unable to recovery your money in full. These options could be:

  • Payment plans
  • Legal action
  • Insolvency procedures

If we are unable to collect your debt, we will provide a comprehensive summary and advise you of case closure.

Submit your case

Contact us

Fill out our contact form. We will contact you as soon as possible.

Or contact us directly:
  +31 6 45843470
 +31 6 45843470

  • High Success Rate:
    80% of cases are successfully resolved.

  • Global Reach:
    We operate worldwide.

  • Protection for All:
    We help protect your business and others.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you have to be a Tradefox member to report your case on our platform, you can sign up for free at Tradefox and report your case on the dashboard feature ‘Praise & Report Companies’ once logged in.

No, reporting your case and getting your case assessed will be free of charge.

Depending on your case it’s standard practice that we receive all communications between you and the counterparty, proof of payment, a contract, bill of lading, an invoice, and other supporting documents.

Yes, after the quote and capital recovery agreement has been signed, we reach out to the counterparty to see if they are open to resolve the claim.

We give the counterparty 10 business days to respond, if they are reluctant we will flag their company profile on Tradefox and the  collection process will start.

On average we recover your lost capital between 30-60 days depending on your case, this may vary.

Why Atradius?

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