Tradefox | ANMA Association Dinner

Join the Tradefox | ANMA Association Dinner where you can learn how to leverage the Tradefox platform and gain the most value for your company.

Tradefox is a business intelligence product providing visibility into the trading reputations of companies in the global trade of recyclables. Our 5,000+ members are industry professionals, banding together to stop fraud and other unfair trading practices.

Tradefox, in partnership with ANMA, will be hosting a dinner for all ANMA members on Saturday, 17th December 2022 from 17:00 – 21:00 at The Hillock Ahmedabad.

There will be two workshops where you will learn how you can use Tradefox to find new trading partners and perform due diligence. There will be an opportunity to earn credits on Tradefox for your company.

This will be an informative evening to show you how your company can take advantage of the complimentary access that ANMA members have. You will learn how to extract the most value out of Tradefox for your company.

Start reviewing your trading partners before the networking dinner and earn $15 per reviewed trading partner.

Sign up before the Tradefox | ANMA Association Dinner below and automatically receive $100 credit on Tradefox.

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