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"Tradefox is leading the way for all of us on how we will operate in the future in our industry.

Salman Shaban

Senior Manager at Lucky Group


Nilesh Patel

"Tradefox is going to be the best platform for metal industries.

We aim to become a one-stop shop for services centered around the trade of industrial raw materials.

News, market prices, business intelligence on trading partners and competitors, financial services, documentation tools, and arbitration are some of the elements we endeavor to bring together to reduce massive financial risks and market inefficiencies.

Our mission

The Tradefox Team

Tradefox is committed to making metal scrap trading easier by reducing trading risks.

By using technology to unify communication processes, we help eliminate market inefficiencies, enabling users to focus less on tedious tasks and more on what matters most—running and growing their business.

What we do

About Tradefox

Chris Yerbey

A successful serial entrepreneur and
24-year recycling industry veteran. Always looking for growth, innovation and creating solutions for existing problems.


Denise Gerards

Having years of startup business experience and running operations, she is dedicated to make Tradefox a worldwide success.

Director of Operations

Will Cavendish

Creative technologist with a long standing fascination with how we engage with all sorts of digital media. Now doing his part in the world of recyclables.


A full-stack marketer specialized in growth strategies and conversion rate optimization. Dedicated to growing Tradefox to the next level.

Niek Prast

Head of Marketing

Dedicated and accomplished professional with 20 years of experience in IT. Thriving the team of developers to create the best possible platform.

Damir Dardagan

Project Manager

Ervin Djogic

Senior Software Engineer

With 10 years of development experience under his belt, he managed to build the platform we need and constantly improving it

With his fresh masters degree in computer science, he brings excellent expertise to the table and forms a great engineer team with Ervin

Rasim Sabanovic

Software Engineer

Stephanie Ho-Tong

A super organized and very talented event manager that will be responsible for all the upcoming Tradefox Virtual Conferences

Events Manager

Poonam Dhiman

Dedicated with Tradefox for
5 years now, there is no doubt
 she knows all about our data
and how to handle it

Data Entry Specialist

With a Master of Computer Apps in his pocket and experience as a data specialist, he makes sure the job is always done right.


Data Specialist


Experienced with customer care, analyzing quality and handling accounts, this jack of all trades can make it happen.

Data Specialist

Edin Laletovic

Quality Assurance

An experienced QA Engineer who ensures that the final product observes our quality standards and a specialist when it comes to detecting and solving problems


What people say about us


Varun is a very talented money magician that makes sure all the financial stuff is in order. 

Financial Controller

Torence Raf

With over 12+ years of experience in the world of business development, Torence knows how to create amazing value for our customers. 

Key Account Manager

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Sarthak Gupta
Richfield Resources

"This platform is revolutionary for the commodities world, a really simple yet effective solution that helps you trade with security." 

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