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 Access the largest global network of companies that buy, sell or broker scrap materials. Find your next reliable trading partner by location or material type in minutes. Keep an eye on your trading partners and your competition.

David Toews

"We recommend anyone looking for verified, trustworthy and reliable trading partners for ALL metal recycling aspects to join."

Rajesh Desor

"By tapping into Tradefox’s trusted network of buyers and sellers, we have been able to propel our trade business to levels we never imagined." 

Aashish Razdan

"I enjoyed the ease of connecting with other traders online" 

Anupa Pradhan

Tradefox has a wonderfully easy platform that we can navigate to suit our requirements.With growing uncertainties in the market this is just what we need to make our life easier!

Join a 4,100 + global member network

Find 140,000 + company Trade Reputation Reports

View 2 million + global trades of scrap materials

Connect with more than 4,100 companies on Tradefox

Find your next reliable trading partner within a few clicks through the largest global network of companies that buy, sell or broker scrap materials

Find your next reliable trading partner by location or material type

Leverage our community to market your company

All your trading partners in one easy overview

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Discover trading reputations on 140,000 + companies globally

By collecting massive amounts of data we can create accurate Trade Reputation Reports. This makes it incredibly easy to check a company's reliability.

Use Tradefox for your due diligence before each deal

Instant notification when a company is reported

Unlimited access to Trade Reputation reports

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Impex data on 2 million + scrap trades

Stay informed about the trading activities of your potential new trading partner or your competitors. More than 3,000 trades are added to Tradefox each day.  

The most focused resource for scrap import and export data on the web

Review trade history, shipment volumes, materials traded and much more

Know exactly who trades what with who

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Find out what Tradefox can do for your business.

Whether you are a company that buys, sells or brokers scrap materials, Tradefox eliminates market inefficiencies and handles tedious tasks for you so you can focus on what matters most — running and growing your business.

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All the tools you need on one platform

Find, review and connect all through one platform. Search for new reliable trading partners by location and materials, review their Trustscore and communicate through the safe and secure channels of Tradefox

Reliable Trustscore based on trustworthy data

Largest index of companies buying and selling scrap materials. 

On-platform messaging with video communication functionality 

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Eliminate financial risks

Cut operational costs

Increase profitability

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